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Predictions for the next wearable craze to hit the streets in late 2017


Nobody, not even the experts, have been able to predict what technology will look like in the next decade. The same was true 10 years ago when nobody could say with certainty that we would end up being hooked to text messaging (SMS), checking the weather on a smartphone and keeping track of our workouts. Even so, the year 2017 holds a lot of promise. We have become more dependent on technology and we are infatuated by the wonders of modern technology!


Wearable technology has evolved and includes some very interesting things including fitness tracking, Apple Watches and Google Glass. New technology has helped to make things smaller and faster. There no doubts the fact that this year and in the years to come we will all be wearing technology on both the outside and perhaps even on the inside.


Smart shoes

We may even be introduced to smart shoes, which could be capable of converting energy from our movements to charge up our phones. They will also be capable of tracking your exercises. Even better, they can also track changes in your body weight. These smart shoes function by converting your movements into energy that can be used to power sensors inside the shoes as well as other wearable gadgets. These sensors will be used to cool your shoes and keep your feet warm according to your needs.


By, footwear company Digitsole’s Smartshoes


Smart shirts and Personal Assistants

Another possibility is to wear smart shirts that through vibrating could help you find your way. If that is not all then we could even be introduced to personal assistants that are embedded in our contact lenses. The line between reality and technology is becoming more and more fuzzy!


Smart earrings

It’s even possible that we could be wearing earrings that look normal on the outside but which are designed to track your heart rate and body temperature as well as find out how much oxygen is in your blood.  These earrings will also be smart enough to help you locate the perfect song for your current mood.


Personal Assistant embedded in your contact lenses

Personal assistants that are embedded in your contact lenses will provide different responses depending on the input.


Mood shirts

There is also a huge possibility that mood shirts might become the next wearable craze to hit the streets in late 2017. These shirts have sensors in them that can keep track of your physiology. The information obtained by these sensors is transmitted to everyone in close proximity to you.

Mood shirts are even capable of beaming information to your insurance company, which, because you are feeling positive and healthy, will offer you a discount on your policy. Besides these sensors, these mood shirts also contain tiny sized devices that are located on your shoulders. These devices offer excellent GPS capabilities.


Smart buttons


Finally, buttons are going to undergo a radical change. They will come with GPS capability that can track your movements and learn more about your habits. Such capability makes it possible for all your wearables to know your location in real time. That’s not all because such GPS capability will also ensure that you never get lost. These buttons can also help you predict where to go next or what to do next. In the unlikely event that you do get lost, these buttons will ensure that you can either call 999 for help or contact your family members for further assistance.

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