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April 25, 2017
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There has never been a time in our history when we have had more virtual reality games and experiments in development. This is coming just a year after the consumer lunch of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, now we have lots of fantastic games to choose from. However, we have chosen some games as our favorites that we will update as the year rounds up.


Though it has an awesome rhythm hell game in flatspace, the thumper has more fantastic trance-inducing in VR. It’s easy accessed and not mechanically difficult- just tap the beat and slide,round the corners, to get into the brutal part. According to a gamer, James, thumper is “a psychedelic travel across an impossible wholesome oppressive force that are slippery, geometry and crunchy. “In VR, it turns into a waking sound nightmare where it is hard to escape.

Elite: Dangerous

Developer: Frontier Developments

Elite is the first ever commercial games that provides native VR support. Dangerous is without a doubt one of the best example of the technological advancement that we are currently experiencing in VR. Inserted in the world of a ship down to battleships to nimble fighters and the dogfights are aggressive. It would seem like you are in the fiercest star wars battle ever. Its extremely practical, as you can move around your head to keep track on your enemy ships as you watch them move past you. Look below and you get to see your pilot body, and its hands will appear on your own if you happen to play along with flight stick. Another thing is that you can choose to stand up and move around within your cockpit, as long it is wide enough to do so.

Although is not all about the intense dogfighting. Elite is best in VR regardless of what you are doing: right from docking to gazing slack-jawed at fantastic cosmic scene. You can never ever forget your first try into a planet’s ring game. You have millions of slow spinning- rocks covered in your view scene; you just can’t help but watch as it unfolds in your eyes. Our galaxies are amazing on regular 2D screen, but it feels beautiful and awesome in VR. Stepping into other galaxy and docking feels intense and intimate also especially when it happens just in front of you the whole time. When you move into another stars, you get that feeling yourself like leaning yourself backward in a chair as you watch the stars streak move away from your windows.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Always having to talk more is the best family-friendly bomb disarming since both members can’t play today. It is family friendly because not every member of your family can play this game, but you will be required to flip through a thick physical disarmament procedure manual (that require only you to print it yourself), shouting out loud the directions while other game player carefully studies and flip a virtual explosive device. The VR features is not really the most massive experience out there, but getting to be alone in an isolated room with a complicated explosive puzzle can surely scare the life out of you at that moment in time. Also, it’s another method of keeping ‘cheaters’ from taking a look at the instructions themselves. However, if you don’t own a VR headset, you can also still play with an old looking monitor. Everybody gets to win (if only they disarm the explosive accurately).


The Unspoken (Oculus Touch)

Do you have the dream of being just like Dumbledore or Gandalf? Here’s your opportunity, as you are able to use the Rift’s touch controls to play spell-casting gesture in one-on-one, online gamers who are really good, i.e. other Rift players. The secret part is paying close watch during the game’s long instruction level, as you will need the entire tutorial to conjure all obstacles once you jump into the fireball-flinging online battle.

Raw Data (Vive)

Raw Data is also another fast-and-furious showdown title where you get to make use of the Vive’s motion controls to blast your enemies or cut them down in two with a katana sword. It works with wave-based progression software (remaining inside a particular room, while you attack and destroy all the enemies) instead of you walking around in an open scene, only that it’s still the best among the all exhilarating short-burst games in VR.

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