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Review Of the Apple 3 SmartWatch

We all know that the Series 1 or Series 2 of Apple Watch is out, but we are not sure of the time that the Apple Watch 3 will be launched? We have done an analysis on the news surrounding the release date of the Apple Watch 3 with its specification and features.
A report posted on Taiwan-based website Digi times states that the Apple Watch 3 will be released and shipped to consumers in the last quarter of 2017. Their report was based on a leak which states that production has already begun, specifically for the screen of the new Apple watch. The third generation Apple Watch 3 will reportedly come with a glass-film touchscreen, instead of the ‘touch-on-lens’ screen that is applicable in the Series 2. It would seem that the touch lens screens are hard and expensive to make with less sale than the producer, TPK Holding, would have hoped for. According to rumors the newwatch will come with a thin glass panel that is placed in a strong scratch- resistant film laminate which will be produced by another company.

When is the Apple Watch 3 release date?

According to the Chinese Economic Daily News Apple has awarded the contract of manufacturing the new Apple Watch 3 to Taiwan-based Quanta, the company has manufactured all the other Apple smartwatches till date. And their report states that the watch will be launched in the Autumn of 2017. The report states that the Apple Watch 3
would be out for sale around September 2017, which would mark a year after the Apple Watch Series 2 was released.
However, by March new Apple Watch models would be released, with the possible ‘S’ models hitting the stores with more storage space. This is what we think that is contrary to the rumors flying around.

What are the rumored specification and features?

When will the Apple Watch 3 be released? We hope that it will be released soon or in line with the circular and square, but the only option that we have now is the new patent that is listed above. Even at that, it’s very unlikely that this feature will be added because swatch OS has been made with square shaped displays.


A lot of reports believe that the Watch 3 will not look different from the other models, as rumours state that the major improvement will be in the battery life instead of its outlook and features. The change might be prominent in the new Watch 3 would be the ‘micro-LED’ screen feature so it can last longer after it is charged. The easy thing to predict is that the Apple Watch 3 will be made in different colours, models and straps. This would lead to an increase in price and more options for customers. There may also be collaborations with brands like Nike. We also think that they would continue to make different sizes to cater to the needs of their users.


Do you want a camera on the smart watch? That didn’t work well on the Samsung Gear 2 but the Apple’s patent I is only meant for selfie camera instead. So, it is believed that the Apple Watch 3 might have a feature for selfie photos and even FaceTime video calling.

Modular straps

Another great patent indicates that Apple may work on a multi- function straps designs. A ‘Magnetic Wristband’ indicates that a strap can be attached to the body of the watch using magnets. However, the interesting part is when you are not wearing the watch the strap can be placed in a stand.

3D Touch

Although the screen might be square, Apple can integrate 3D Touch on the Apple Watch 3 which would give it more functionality. It is very possible that the Series 2 that is eagerly anticipated would come with pressure sensitivity.

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