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Review of Luxury Smart Watches around the Globe

TAG Heuer enjoys an enviable reputation as a top-notch watchmaker. Its latest super expensive luxury smartwatch, the Titanium Carrera Connected offers the best of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. This watch was first introduced to the public way back in late November of 2015. It costs an astounding £11,500! and only 1000 units of this model have been made by the watchmaker.


TAG Heuer Titanium Carrera Connected

The TAG Heuer Titanium Carrera Connected has many of the same features that you find on an Apple smartwatch. However, this smartwatch has a very unique and classic Carrera design. It is able to synchronise with your mobile phone and offers some of the same functions that you get from an Apple watch including call alerts and appointment notifications. This watch can be charged from its face as well as with the wristband.


Hoptroff  Platinum Edition

Hoptroff is a well-known maker of luxury watches. The Platinum is an excellent mechanical cum smartwatch hybrid model that is available for as little as £16,800 for the base model and £42,000 for the high-end Platinum model.


However, this smartwatch does not boast of any major smartwatch functions but its design is pure genius. You can synchronise this watch with your iPhone. This smartwatch is also capable of letting you access your calendar data log to stay abreast with all your appointments. You have to pre-order this watch to buy it. To reserve this smartwatch, you will also need to pay a 25 % deposit and then it takes up to 3 months before you get your item.


Built-in Nico Gerard Skyview Pinnacle

This particular smartwatch has a staggering price tag of up to £87,000. This is not really a smartwatch, which is why it gets the name of built-in Nico Gerard Skyview Pinnacle. It is in fact just another luxury smartwatch that has an Apple smartwatch built into the Pinnacle.


The 18k Gold Apple Watch

This is probably one luxury smartwatch that you will want to own. Prices start at £7,800 though when you actually buy this kind of luxury smartwatch you may well end up paying £13,200 for it. This watch is made from 18-karat gold and is the epitome of luxury. When you buy this smartwatch, Apple assigns a dedicated specialist who will help you learn how to use the smartwatch. In addition, you are also given special round-the-clock concierge support related to your watch.

This watch comes with a special box that not only holds the smartwatch when it is not in use but it also doubles up a charging station.


Brikk Lux Watch Omni 18k Gold

This particular luxury smartwatch is the most expensive smartwatch in the world. It is designed by Apple watch and has a price tag of between £85,500 and £89,200. It differs from the 18k Gold Apple Watch in that it does not have gold but instead it makes use of the very best quality natural diamonds. The face and buttons and straps are all dotted with diamonds. It also has a Zero Halliburton case and is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Breitling Exospace B55

Breitling is a company that has earned an enviable reputation for making watches for pilots. The Breitling Exospace B55 is not a very smart smartwatch. However, it allows you to connect it with a smartphone to make calls and text messages. It is made out of titanium and features SuperQuartz movement and has a chronograph function as well.  This is perhaps the most affordable luxury smartwatch. It costs about £7,000 and is not as expensive as some of the other luxury smartwatches on the market today.

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    Hoptroff Platinum Edition is my favorite