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Is there an actual Hoverboard that…Hovers??

Check out the new hoverboard from Inventor Enthusiast, Robert Bigler

Inventor Robert Bigler has a brand new hoverboard which is almost ready for public sale. Instead of just creating one device, he’s decided to create three different variations of this new device which all have different features which make them stand out. However, these hoverboards are going to cost quite a bit of money.

The “Lite” hoverboard costs just under $3000 to purchase while the “Semi” is $3495. The final “Full” model costs just under $4000. These devices are expensive for several good reasons:


Users can take it apart and put it back together –

When a piece of the device breaks, users will be able to take it apart, fix the problem and put it back together again. This means there’s no need to purchase a new one just because there’s a scratch on it.


These devices have a high-performance value with around 12 miles of range and a top speed of 16mph. As a bonus, they only weigh around 25lbs and the “Full” version even allows riders to play Bluetooth and listen to music.


This device is being created for high-quality parts which should ensure it has a long lifetime so users don’t need to upgrade in a few years’ time.

So! these are clearly very good devices which are very different to the older “Hoverboard” toy. The Hoverboards also have a Power Output which allows users to charge their phones or another Hoverboard from it. As a bonus, they have a Digital Charge Meter on the front of the device that tells the user how much charge the Hoverboard has left.

A release date for these three Hoverboards isn’t currently available but it’s possible to pre-order the devices through the official website. There also isn’t an estimated release period currently available but the device has been in development since 2015 so it should be nearing the release stage later this year.

When a piece on the device breaks, users will be able to take it apart, fix the problem and put it back together again.


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