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Is the PlayStation 4 Pro worth the upgrade?

The PlayStation 4 Pro has been out for quite some time now but not everyone has been sold on the upgrade. Some gamers are still concerned that the new console might not be worth upgrading to and today we’re going to compare the two consoles to see if the PS4 Pro is actually worth upgrading.


The new console has a processor which is almost twice as powerful as the original console. The new model has a 2.1 GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar while the original PS4 uses a 1.6 GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar. While this difference is very slight, it allows the new PlayStation 4 Pro to completely utilise the powerful GPU.

There’s a very big difference between the two GPUs in these two consoles. The PS4 Pro uses 4.2 teraflops while the original PS4 only have 1.84 TFLOPs. This huge increase is what allows the console to run games at the native 4K resolution.

4K Resolution

The second biggest difference between the two consoles is the fact that the PlayStation 4 Pro is capable of running games at native 4K. In addition to this, it can upscale games to that resolution. This is something new to the PS4 family as the original console is not capable of this.

In addition to 4K resolution, the PS4 Pro comes with HDR technology which allows it to make games more beautiful even when the console isn’t running through a 4K TV. It allows images to be shown in higher quality with additional detail even if the game is being run at just 1080p as opposed to full 4K.


This all sounds very good but it does come at a price. The PS4 Pro is actually 20% larger than the original PlayStation 4 model and a whopping 78% larger than the new PS4 Slim model. So there is a clear downside to the PS4 Pro and it doesn’t stop there.

The PS4 Pro lacks as blu-ray player so there’s no way to watch blu-ray DVDs through the console. This is something the PS4 introduced to gamers when it was first released so it was surprising to learn that Sony had decided to exclude this feature. However, users can still stream blu-ray quality movies through their device so hope isn’t completely lost. It’s worth noting however that the PS4 Slim cannot play UHD blu-ray movies


Not all games have received a PS4 Pro patch yet. This means that those games haven’t been upgraded to better suit the PS4 Pro and it’s new abilities such as native 4K gaming. However, these games are automatically upscaled to 4K resolution which means players don’t lose out too much.

All games that work for the PS4 will run on the PS4 Pro and players don’t need to worry about the PS4 Pro getting exclusives. In terms of games, there are no real benefits or weaknesses when it comes to the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.


The PlayStation 4 Pro is clearly more powerful than the original console and for 4K TV owners, upgrading could be considered a must. There are clearly many benefits to owning a PS4 Pro over the original console but it does come at a size cost and the lack of a blu-ray player is certainly frustrating

For those without a 4K TV, there are still some benefits such as the improved picture quality due to the HDR but not enough to make upgrading worthwhile. Upgrading to the PS4 Pro is just too expensive to be worthwhile for the group of gamers however, those looking to get a 4K TV might find upgrading to be beneficial.



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