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May 27, 2017
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What to expect in the Year 2050

By the time the Year 2050 comes around, there will be almost 10 Billion people living on this planet. These people will consume most of the earth’s resources. At the same time, their lives will become more complex because new technologies will be introduced that will have a radical impact on our lives. Our cities will not be the same as we are used to, and we will be eating different foods. The question we ask ourselves when thinking about life in the year 2050 is whether we will be consumed by global events like global warming or will we succeed in finding a solution to such problems.

By the time we enter the year 2050, our demographic profile will have undergone a major change. Most of us will be living in urban centres and we will probably enjoy longer life spans. Becoming more urbanised also means that we will in all probability have to reinvent our educational systems. The division between a home and office will also become much less than before.

New technologies will be introduced and our future cities will be reminiscent of a city from the future. Smart grids will influence our lives and all our appliances will be linked to each other. This would help to make real-time pricing a reality. The Internet too will change our media and it will probably help to do away with traditional news dissemination methods. New technologies will empower us and motivate us as well as make us more active. We will stop consuming information thoughtlessly.

Some experts think that in the year 2050 our seas will start to rise to dangerous levels. They also think that we will not be able to produce sufficient crops to feed our populations because of the scarcity of water resources. We will probably end up fighting more. The good news is that our lifespans will increase and overall we will enjoy better health.

What type of tech/SmarTech will be involved in our lives?

By the year 2050, our lives will have changed radically thanks to the introduction of new technologies. Hyperloop, which is nothing but an extremely fast propulsion system will end up transporting us between cities. This technology may even be introduced in the next five to six year’s time. Machines may end up thinking like humans. Such futuristic technologies may appear on the scene even as early as the year 2025. We might even succeed in developing technology that allows humans to take trips to Mars.



How much tech will be involved in our daily lives?

By the time we enter the year 2050 our lives will have undergone a major transformation. A biometric chip installed in our bodies may start sending signals to the brain informing it to do things like waking up at a predetermined time. This chip will also enable us to learn and remember things better. Our contact lenses could be linked to this chip allowing it to register everything we see. You would probably also switch to consuming breakfast pills instead of eating a regular breakfast. These pills will help you live thirty percent longer. At the same time, regular food will become scarce and costly. In the year 2050, you would probably end up commuting with a jetpack instead of a car. Cars will probably end up being connected to wireless electricity and will be capable of running without batteries. Society will become networked and will rely on latest cloud systems to connect our toothbrushes, shoes, buttons and eyes as well as brains. We may even succeed in bringing such a Network Society to the moon, where people will start investing in property.


Will SmarTech/tech be the answer to solving pollution/eco-friendly?

SmarTech/tech may help us solve pollution and use eco-friendly products. For example, we could start using eco-friendly napkins. To prevent pollution we may start using alternatives to fossil fuels.
In the year 2050, we will probably be dependent on robots to help us with different aspects of our lives. We will not be required to do our housework or cooking because robots will take care of these chores. This may make us lazy and fatter. How we handle life in the year 2050 depends to a large degree on how we handle technology and what influence it will have on our lives.

Can we count on Innovative Smart Technology to take care of us? Or will they end up taking over the world and be slaves?

The impact that innovative Smart Technology has on us will be pioneering and permanent. It will drive growth. Fossil fuels will have been exhausted and global warming will become a reality. Smart Technology will take over the world and helps us come up with innovative solutions such as making food out of nothing. We will be able to better preserve limited resources and we will also be able to create a safer and greener environment. Rather than being enslaved we will become more emancipated in the year 2050.

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