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Cicret Bracelet – Welcome to the Future!

Cicret Bracelet turns your arm into a touch screen

This upcoming device is finally almost here. The Cicret Bracelet turns its wearers arm into a touchscreen that lets them perform many different actions such as looking at maps or reading emails. It works by mirroring the phone screen and projecting it onto a surface such as an arm. The developers of this amazing device have confirmed that this works for all skin colours so everyone will be able to use this device.

While the device uses the Android Operating System, it works in conjunction with the iPhone also. However, the creators of the device haven’t gone into detail about how it can work with a mobile phone which is running the Apple iOS system.They did however go into some detail about their successes with the prototype version of the device. Over the last few months they were able to get the motion sensing to work, create a distorted image from the projector and source all of the components needed for these two key features. This is great news but work is still far from complete.

A blog post update from earlier this month on the official website reveals the current progress being made. The developers already have a working prototype of the device however it only uses one camera instead of two. The final product will be using two cameras.


Eager consumers will be able to pre-order the device very soon as the website states “Mid 2017”. No projected release date for the device is currently available but it’s most likely going to be released later this year. There is currently no way to pre-order the device but interested people can register for the newsletter via the official website. We will provide you with updates about this amazing device as it edges closer to release later this year.


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