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There are a lot of Tech Companies that do what we do. At My SmartShop, we do things a bit different by focusing on why and who. Why we do this, is to provide reliable guidance to the ever-changing, ever-evolving technology world in which we live in. Who we target is like minded individuals (our readers) with the required information to pursue a happier, healthier way of living!
With our in-grown passion and love for technology, we at My SmartShop focus more on what matters most – the user experience. We consistently select, review and compare newly released wearable tech to give you an idea of Authenticity, Simplicity and Appreciation of smart watches that fit the robustness of a health & fitness trackers, the choices are endless!
Why My SmartShop? Simply because we never just focused on ‘branded’ products. Instead, we invest our time to delve in ‘newcomers’ in the markets who demonstrate the potential of cutting edge technology. Our mission is to provide our readers a clear, concise knowledge of the available wearable tech, as we believe every piece of technology carries its own originality in the vast tech world.
Our daily driving force is to reach out to many of our readers as possible with new, innovative technologies that aim to enrich your modern way of living.
The MySmartShop team


The MySmartShop Team


Join us and be part of the MySmartShop team, add your voice to the tech community that helps people to thrive! Email your CV and/or a covering letter to the following address –