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4 Classic Consoles that still has its gaming appeal

Every few years, new game consoles are released into the market but only few of these game console have remained one of the all-time best to all game user. There are a lot of game console that has been specifically designed to meet games user needs, taste and budgets to suit every individual. Regardless of the age limit of children or ageing adult, game console comes in all different diversity and ranges to give you an overwhelming passion and satisfying experience.

We have lots of game console in the market already today that are well known with all class and age. A lot of the praise for these massive well-known game designs goes to the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony who has for years now helped to improve, develop, and continue to update the games with new features to give satisfactory entertainment.  However, all these updates are few little changes to the shape design and forms like tweaking configuration, firmware and other added online features to give game user more fun time. These medium is used to target large game lovers and get them more excited and eager to want more!

On our all-time Gaming Classics, we will go ahead with the four most top ranked game consoles that still have its gaming reputation on the highest level.  They are the most obvious favourite in the game world today, which are Atari, Sega Mega Drive, Commodre64, and Super Nintendo. The most interesting aspect of these entire game consoles is that they are almost alike in design, function the same way and they all have negative and positive components. Most fascinating things is that whoever feels more comfortable playing either four of these games, can’t comfortably play any other two with ease. This gets to show the unique fundamental differences and basic structure of all of these four game consoles has in store.


The Atari game lover’s fondest memories traced back to the Atari 2600, though it’s the 7800(launched in year 1986) was the widest range of fantastic 2D games. The 7800 was an improved version of the old Atari console, replacing the ability to play Atari 2600 most favorites like “Q” Bert, also with richer update on visual Atari 7800 favorite games like “Midnight Mutant” and “Alien Brigade”. At that time having an Atari game console was like having a magnificent,piece of gaming history, and till date a lot of its games is still one of the best games that has remain in many people memories.

Sega Mega Drive, 1988

The Sega Mega was the first mainstream 16bit console that was highly successful in Europe and the US. This is, as a result of its engaging sports simulation and arcade conversions. It was indeed the new and golden age of scrolling action game and had titles like Altered Beast and Mickey Mouse and Streets of Rage characterizing the genre. While EA carved a niche for itself with their exclusive contents like NBA, FIFA and NHL simulations. They also had top titles like Phantasy Star and Shining Force, Gunstar Heroes, Truxton and Contra: Hard Corps, that were filled with colour and energy. The leader of the pack then was Sonic the Hedgehog, whose first three adventures still relevant till this day.


Commodre64/Laser Squad

The fans of Blade Software’s Laser Squad pitch this turn-based squad game with the legendary X-Com series that was on the IBM PC. In this game, 2 players face off in an ultimate futuristic face off battle that is reminiscent of the most engaging tabletop strategy games. The game lasted for hours with an impressive replay value which can last for a lifetime.

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